Confidential & Affordable Online counselling

We offer Online Counselling in three languages across three continents, read on….

Are you?

  • Worried about the past or future?
  • Stressed at work or home?
  • Not enjoying things that you used to?
  • Not relating to your closest friends or family?

You can:

  • Be more present.
  • Be productive and happy at work and at home.
  • Enjoy the things you once loved and try new things too.
  • Connect with those nearest and dearest to you.

No time like the present. If you often feel sad, lonely, stressed or anxious, is now the time to feel better? We do understand. We at Anam Cara Therapy have been there, done that and can help. You want to feel better and came here to see what we can do about that. We are here for you! Online counselling and in-office counselling is available in English, French or Spanish. Our online and in office counsellors have decades of experience, a wealth of education and training and are devoted to helping you live your best life. Many clients achieve their therapy goals in just a few sessions.

How is our Online Counselling different?

Video Counselling session underway at Anam Cara Therapy

Counselling services

Anam Cara Therapy has been counselling children, teens and adults for over 20 years in the UK, America, Ireland and beyond.  Our highly qualified, professionally and ethically trained, confidential counsellors meet you where you are at – physically or emotionally. We are in office or online most days and evenings because we care about your schedule. If you are feeling drained from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, life transitions, grief and loss, self esteem issues, queer or teen issues, work or relationship stress, make changes today toward total wellness. Self referrals are warmly welcomed. Although Doctors recommend us, no referral is needed. As a result, Contact us directly and avail of a next day appointment where possible.

Online Counselling via Text at Anam Cara Therapy

Online counselling

Online counselling is the most convenient form of therapy to date. Whether at home or in office, you can benefit from affordable and convenient counselling. For instance, you can avail of online counselling from the privacy of your parked car or dorm room or from the comfort of your couch and start feeling better today. To clarify, through encrypted video or audio conferencing using Zoom or Vsee, you connect with your therapist. The therapy session is a safe space where we establish a partnership of trust and mutual respect, together working toward your best interests. To conclude, Counselling is available via secure text, telephone or video or you may choose an in-office session. Start today.

By offering direct access, our clients get the support they need quickly, affordably and in three languages. With high quality therapy packages as low 45 euros for a taster session, you can begin your healing journey today.

Initial enquiries are simple, confidential and free.