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Anger is a strong emotion, one which we all experience. Anger becomes a problem when it becomes a default response for life situations. Through psychotherapy, the root of anger can be uncovered and coping skills developed to express anger appropriately. Assertiveness skills can be learned rather than repeating the trigger-anger- reaction pattern that brought you to counselling. Your therapist will help you acquire anger management skills. You will identify your anger triggers and begin breaking the cycle of harm and negativity resulting from anger unchecked.

Anger management in relationships

In relationships, anger can fester and turn inward into depression. While anger is a negative emotion, it is best to express the anger, using words. With anger management, you will develop a healthier response by stating feelings openly and honestly. Using “I” messages and speaking assertively, you can express angry feelings in a healthy way. For example, respond with “I feel upset when I wake up only to trip over toys in the hallway first thing. I would like the toys put away before bedtime.” Reacting by yelling or throwing toys is non-productive. “I” messages do not place blame but rather explain how you are feeling and offer a solution.

Mindful anger management

Mindfulness can help with noticing rising anger. Becoming aware of your triggers and how you feel in your body will keep this strong, negative emotion from taking over. If you are aware of your clenched fist and your skin feeling hot, you can then choose to take a few slow deep breaths to come back to the present moment or remove yourself from the triggering situation. Through the practice of mindfulness, you can develop cloud-like mind, allowing non-issues to float by like clouds in the sky. With mindful anger management, you can then choose to wisely respond rather than angrily react. Check out these tips on gaining emotional control from the Mayo Clinic.

You can live life happier. Enquire about anger management techniques today.

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