Transitions can be difficult or … not. Anam Cara Therapy is happy to announce a new serene and upscale office location, The Village Hotel in Bettystown, Meath. Sat Nav eircode: A92 XY19

Located just off Eastham Road, R150 in Betaghstown with a nearby bus stop and plenty of free parking. The Wellness Suite is on the 1st floor, turn left at Reception, and enter via the door to the left, on the first floor landing. Wheelchair accessible via the lift.

Anam Cara Therapy is proud to present The Wellness Suite, opening 1 December 2018! A brand new space full of love, light and healing and accepting new clients! Now booking 1-2-1 appointments for Integrated Therapy Sessions (with sound) or Psychotherapy. For the remainder of 2018, book a sonic massage for just €45! Or find solutions toward breaking the ties that bind with 4 counselling sessions for €200, cash or credit. Dedicated to helping clients rebalance, restore, renew, ring or text Em for an appointment on 083 859 9551.

Feel free to ring the Village Hotel on 041 988 7766 or visit the website: The Village Hotel


Teens in Therapy

As a American-trained Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I have been amazed by the lack of concern over adolescent mental health here in Ireland. I am sure this blog post will have its detractors, but I tend to say what needs saying.

I would love to see Ireland put its money where its mouth is and invest in the nation’s youth. Mental well being needs to be a priority! While children and teens in America are able to see their School Counsellor during the school day, if needed, Irish teens are not afforded this opportunity. School Counsellors in America are trained in child and adolescent psychology and are typically not teachers. I, myself, was an educator for nearly a decade. I was a classroom teacher of French and Spanish to students aged 12-18. I then pursued my Masters Degree (Level 9 Qualification) in Counselling and achieved a high score on the licensing exam of the National Board for Certified Counsellors.

Although I did take a course in career counselling, that was only a portion of my rigorous training. School Counsellors help students with life transitions, depression, anxiety, stress,  and crises (as well as selecting classes and dealing with difficult exams and getting good grades). School Counsellors in America are highly trained. In the past 20 years, achieving N.C.C. status (National Certified Counsellor) via the licensing exam signifies top level training. Older School Counsellors were not required to sit for this exam. Today’s changing society has likely spawned the need for more in-depth counsellor training, particularly when working with teens.

I have a few specialties in my counselling practice and one of them is counselling teens. While others may shy away from working with adolescents, I love it and can relate well to this period of sturm und drang. Having worked with teens for over 20 years, in a school setting, and more recently with teens in crisis at SOSAD, I feel well able to assist adolescents through this intense period of growth and change.

As a conduit and an agent for change, I emphasize the need to “try something different” when previous strategies are no longer working for a client. As you know, doing something over and over again, expecting a different result, is the very definition of insanity. So I endeavor to be fully present with my younger clients, to hear their stories, and to help them effect positive change in their lives.

Working with minors does entail a small amount of family therapy, at times. I help younger clients claim what power they do have over their own lives and see that as they get older, more rights and responsibilities come along. A team effort is vital and I am happy to report mostly positive outcomes for my clients: children, teens and adults!


Grateful for Referrals

Anam Cara Therapy is happy to announce that Inspire Wellbeing is now referring to ACT. BetterHelp and TOSPS (The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop) also refer to ACT. It is truly an honour to receive clients from these international businesses. Looking forward to helping more people achieve their goals and lead happier lives.

Anam Cara Therapy is here for you. Struggling with depression, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, addiction, grief, relationships, or other issues. Ring Máire Rían on 083.859.9551 and book in today.



Professional Help for Depression

As published in the September 2016 Meath Coaster:

Professional Counselling and Help for Depression

Counselling is not a luxury. At certain times, we all hit roadblocks that we need to overcome. Every now and then, we may feel overwhelmed, depressed or stuck by our situation. That is where a qualified counsellor can help.

There is no need to suffer in silence or self-medicate with binge behaviours or any other coping mechanisms.  Destructive behaviours simply numb symptoms but do not treat them. If you are religiously inclined, seeking assistance from your parish priest can be helpful.  Calling a hotline may offer temporary assistance, from well-intentioned individuals who may or may not have completed coursework in psychology.

Still, you will receive the best care from a university degreed professional counsellor, social worker or psychotherapist. If you broke your leg, would drinking beer help you walk again? Would calling a free phone number, set the broken bones? Only a qualified professional, such as a doctor, could help you mend what is broken. So it is with mental health. It is important that you put yourself first, at trying times in your life. Seek out the very best to help guide you to self-discovery and to help you heal what is broken within you.

Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health issues. There are several holistic remedies available that complement individual talk therapy with a professional. A professional counsellor can help you deal with behaviours arising from a depressed state. In extreme cases, a psychiatrist’s help may be necessary, for medication.  However, if you are feeling depressed for longer than a week, it may be time to seek professional help.

As you await your appointment, the following remedies may boost your mood and potentially lift the brain fog that is often associated with depression. Taking the daily recommended dosage of St. John’s Wort and Kava Kava are two of the best natural vitamins to help with moving through depression.  Often depression is accompanied by sleep disturbances.  Valerian, holy basil, ashwaganda, Sam-E are other natural herbals that can help.

Immediate relief of some depressive symptoms can come from practicing daily meditation. Learning how to take deep, diaphragmatic breaths can help in alleviating mild depression.  There are even free apps for your smart phone that guide you in learning how to breathe deeply for relaxation and improved mental clarity. Mindfulness and guided meditations are also complementary, holistic practices to talk therapy.

Seeking assistance from a well-trained professional is tantamount to fixing what is broken.  Be sure to check their credentials so that you receive the best care for your broken leg or heart or head, whether physically or mentally. Put yourself first in times of stress and transition so that you may heal and be there for family and friends.

When you are ready to start the journey, feel free to make a call to ACT ( ) at 083 859 9551 or email  Em Ryan has over a decade of counselling experience and is accredited by the IACP.