How We Can Help With Grief and Loss

Two people experiencing grief and loss

Dealing with Grief and Loss

We can help with grief and loss. Read on for free and low cost resources to help you heal. Losing a loved one can take its toll over time, if we don’t integrate the loss into our lives. Sometimes, we can suffer from complicated grief as a result of an unhealed wound from losing someone or something (like a pet) dear to us.

There is such a thing as good grief and together, in therapy, we will look at resolving and forgiving whatever ties are binding you to the past. Ultimately, the goal is to cross “the bridge of resolution” and move through the stages of grief toward acceptance. In truth, we don’t forget our Beloveds. However, when we smell their favourite cologne or hear their favourite song, we will remember them with nostalgia rather than grief. Grief is the price we pay for loving deeply. Actually, we can hold that special place in our hearts for them AND live our best life as tribute to them.

Complicated Grief

We may be in a state of complicated grief when we ruminate excessively for an overly long period of time. Depression and anxiety are common with complicated grief. Consequently, daily functioning such as hygiene is impaired and joy is stolen. While it is important to grieve and honour your Beloved, let’s not forget to honour our own Soul that has loved so deeply. Nourishment and self-care is essential to lift ourselves up. Truly, you can become aware of the warning signs of complicated grief. Start to feel better today with a well qualified therapist.

We Can Help With Grief and Loss

Help is available online and off. Notably, we offer online therapy from Ireland. In the US and online, Good Grief offers a wealth of information for people in the midst of grief and loss. In Ireland, SOSAD has free support available with pre-accredited therapists and Open Path offers reduced rate therapy with fully registered and well qualified therapists. It gets better. Finally, joy returns when you make the decision to try something different such as psychotherapy. We can help with grief and loss.

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