How we can help with Grief & Loss

Two people suffering from grief and loss of a loved one

Loss of a loved one can take its toll over time, if the loss is not integrated into your life. Complicated grief is the result of an unhealed wound from losing someone (or something like a pet) dear to you. There is such a thing as good grief and together we will look at resolving and forgiving (or forgetting) whatever ties are binding you to the past. The goal is usually to cross “the bridge of resolution” and move through the stages of grief toward acceptance. This is not to say that your loved one is forgotten, rather s/he is likely remembered with nostalgia rather than grief, such as when you hear their favourite song. Grief is the price paid for loving. Recognise that the price has been paid, hold that special place in your heart for your loved one, and live your best life.

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