Mindfulness in Schools

Are you looking for Mindfulness in Schools? You are in the right place, read on. We can teach your children well-being. Students will benefit from a monthly or seasonal wellness event, delivered classroom by classroom, as they learn to be mindful and become body aware. With ever increasing distractions from smartphones and other tech devices, today’s children need to learn how to hone their focus. Increase their attention span and develop relaxed but attentive learners with mindfulness practice or a sound bath experience.

Mindfulness in Schools – The why?

Students experience and practice several mindfulness exercises in group session, from experiencing different flavours and fragrances to bring them to present moment awareness to learning to breathe from their diaphragms to calm and soothe “monkey mind”. Mindfulness is an active practice and does not require absolute silence, a meditation mat or the ability to bend into lotus position. It does require a willingness to focus attention and to breathe slowly and deeply, so if your students have noses, this may be the perfect event for reducing stress and creating a calmer school setting.

Mindfulness in Schools – Sound Bath

Listening with their bodies, your students will learn to deeply relax to acoustic sounds from crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gong, drums, rattle, and chimes. The sounds emanate from the healing instruments and permeate the body restoring, renewing, rebalancing and relaxing your students.

Why a Sound Bath?  Benefits of sound therapy /sonic massage• Relieves muscle aches and tension; especially from repetitive use • Decreases stress, anxiety, and fatigue • Reduces tension headaches • Increases mental alertness • Promotes feelings of acknowledgment and appreciation

Benefits of an ongoing school Sound Bath program: • Increases student satisfaction • Improves morale • Provides a consistent tool for stress management • Decreases absenteeism • Promotes a culture of health and wellness • Demonstrates care for students’ overall well-being  Program Options and Fee:


• Choose a shorter (45 minute) or longer (60 minute) sound bath for up to 20 students

 •Choose a payment option:

1. School pays 100%

2. School shares cost with parents/students

 Fee: • €150 per hour

  • No additional fee for set-up/break-down time
  •  No travel fee or  mileage reimbursement

What you get:

• Quality treatment from an experienced therapist • Therapist holds certificates in USA/Ireland/UK and has professional indemnity insurance • All equipment, supplies, and sanitizing products provided

What you’ll need to provide (it’s easy!):

• A quiet, mostly private place (such as an empty classroom, office, conference room, or partitioned common space) • Student notification and coordination of sign-up sheet prior to scheduled event • Payment via bank transfer, PayPal / Stripe / Transferwise or credit card within 30 days of invoice date

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