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Online Counselling Ireland

Online Counselling Ireland

Online Counselling Ireland is affordable, convenient and timely. You can avail of an evening appointment when most offices are closed. If you live in a remote or rural area, you can still see your therapist. If you have limited mobility or do not drive, online counselling may be for you. Do you travel a lot or do shift work? Online counselling is flexible to your schedule, wherever you are.  Are you a young parent? Online therapy may work for you when the baby is napping.  As long as you have a private place, where you can speak freely and confidentially, you can avail of online therapy. Many clients enjoy counselling from their couch, others from their parked car. Some clients text their counsellor quietly during their work commute or on their lunch break. We work with your schedule so that you can progress toward feeling better. Whether  you  choose video, audio/telephone or text/live chat counselling, all modes are secure and encrypted. Save money on petrol, tolls and parking and opt for online therapy.

Online Counselling in the UK

Accepting self referrals and referrals via Psychology Today UK and Bark, we offer online counselling from the comfort of your couch. Your time is precious. Why waste it sitting in traffic, on a bus or train, to get to the therapy office? No need to search for nearby parking. You can do therapy while the baby is napping, from your own home. You can see a therapist even if you live in the countryside or have mobility issues. Your mental health comes first and we can help you make it a priority. Here for you.

Featured Testimonial

As Em Ryan’s manager in SOSAD Ireland I can positively and passionately say that Em’s skills as a counsellor are exceptional.  Every now and then you meet a special person and Em is the one. A highly talented counsellor, Em holds herself to a high standard of performance and professionalism and is a committed advocate for her clients. Em is remarkable in terms of academic talent, passion and drive. Em uses a variety of counselling methods based on each person’s specific background and behavioural issues.  With each one she takes into account and respects individual differences, experiences and values; provides realistic goals; encourages the clients in appropriate self-expression and communicates a genuine interest and concern for each client. Em Ryan enriches the lives of the clients and colleagues around her and has my enthusiastic recommendation.”  – Carmel Hancock

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