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Anam Cara Therapy offers Online Counselling for most mental health issues. Feel free to get in touch to arrange an online phone or video conference. .Call or text +353 83 859 9551. Download VSee to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy affordable, confidential and timely online counselling with your therapist, Em. Text and email therapy is also available through Signal (another downloadable app) and Proton Mail.

Please note: Anam Cara Therapy uses VSee video conferencing to be in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations. Add the VSee app by clicking the link below:

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What are the benefits of Online Counselling (also known as Telemental health?

Accessible – If you are house bound due to chronic illness or temporarily disabled or struggling with a debilitating mental health issue such as agoraphobia, online therapy may be preferrable.

Affordable – Online therapy is often less expensive than an in-office session. Sessions can be shorter too at 30 minutes a session up to 60 minutes.

Convenience – Schedule a session before your kids wake up or after they go to sleep and never have to leave your home. No need to schedule childcare so you can set a flexible online counselling appointment. All you need is space for a confidential conversation. Speak with your counsellor on your lunch break from your car or a private area at the local park. No need to drive to an office. Save on petrol/gas, parking and tolls and stay out of traffic!

Comfort – Keep your slippers on or curl up on the couch with your pet for your session with your therapist. Invite your therapist into your home via online therapy, where issues relating to home stressors can be worked out in real time, in the online session. Or simply meet your counsellor wherever you are, home or away, while traveling on business, on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Covered – Many insurance companies now cover or reimburse for telemental health.

Educational – Telemental health can offer you links and screenshots and worksheets that will facilitate the therapy process and you will learn more about your issue through the skilled use of technology.

Efficient – Most clients want help right away so we get started with action-oriented counselling typically. Telemental health favours Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

Freedom – Feel free to safe discussing matters that may seem embarassing if brought up in-person. Feel less inhibited if you perceive a stigma with being seen going to a therapist’s office.

Remote access – If you live in a rural area, far from any practicing psychotherapist, online counselling may be a good fit for you.

Timely – Therapy when you need it! No need to put your name on a waiting list to see a counsellor. Email/text/call/see your counsellor today! Here for you!

There are a few contraindications to online counselling including Online Disinhibition Effect, as described by Dr. John Suler. Online therapy is not recommended for crisis situations or treating severe mental health issues. On occasion there may be a tech glitch that causes frustration in session and sometimes body language cannot be read fully.

Having considered the pros and cons, more and more clients are finding telemental health optimal for their lifestyle and preferrable to in-office counselling. Call or text Em at +353 83 859 9551 to see if online therapy is a good fit! You are on your way!

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Online session 50 min plus email and Signal text

Online session 45 min plus email *

Email therapy

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New for 2019:

Strictly 30 minute Online Therapy

Please note that an Online session refers to a telemental health session conducted in real time over audio/phone or video (like Skype).

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