Pet Therapy

Anam Cara Therapy offers Pet Therapy to nursing homes, schools, libraries, rehab facilities and hospitals. Call 083.859.9551 for availability. Midnight is an 11 year old, male, black cat, trained as part of the MCSPCA Pet Therapy Team. He was one of only 5 cats, on a team consisting of mostly dogs. Midnight had to pass a test for inclusion on the Pet Therapy Team. This test featured a group of young children running toward him, jumping and yelling and another group of people on crutches and in wheelchairs. He passed the test, remaining calm.

Midnight is a gentle cat, raised by Máire Rían from a kitten, with a natural gift to soothe people. Midnight even acts as a companion cat to Serafina, his bonded partner, who has been diagnosed with anxiety. She has mostly overcome her anxiety  due to Midnight’s calming influence and natural remedies.

Anam Cara Therapy also offers the following therapies. Kindly enquire within.

Sound Healing

If your counsellor deems an artistic therapy may be beneficial, a sound healing may be incorporated into your therapy session. Typically this would include a tibetan singing bowl, zenergy chime, or crystal bowl.

Angel Card Readings

If suitable and client requested, your counsellor may incorporate a spiritual reading into your session.