How We Can Help With Relationships

A couple who are sad and need therapy for their relationship

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues can arise during periods of stress in a marriage or partnership. Problems around communication, money, sexual intimacy, infidelity, and respect need to be addressed. Other issues of supportiveness, boredom, trauma, amount of time spent together and apart may also require attention for a relationship to survive and thrive.

Communication seems to be the number one issue that comes up in relationship therapy. Knowing your “love language” and your partner’s will help you connect more. When we feel unheard or misunderstood, it causes loneliness and disconnection. With our online therapy, we will explore ways to improve communication toward greater harmony in your relationship.

Money and sex troubles are also important issues to explore in therapy. Getting on the same page as to expectations and behaviours through clear and kind communication is essential.

Relationship Therapy Near Me

Are you experiencing problems in your relationship? Are you wondering “is there relationship therapy near me”? In fact, there is relationship therapy available, if you have a wifi router or a wifi signal and a private space. Anam Cara Therapy offers online relationship therapy for individual clients. IMAGO inspired counselling is available to individuals experiencing stress in their marriages or partnerships. On rare occasions, the other partner may be invited into session, either remotely via online counselling or in person.

What is Therapy for Relationship Issues?

If you are frustrated in your relationship and would like to work on aspects of yourself that may be contributing to the discord, look no further. We specialise in facilitating clients wanting to look inward. Strategies from Gottman and IMAGO are often employed, as well as transpersonal techniques to address relationship issues. Ultimately, if your goal is to feel more peaceful in yourself, then look no further. When we are happy, often the natural side effect is our relationships improve.

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