As Máire Rían’s manager in SOSAD Ireland I can positively and passionately say that Máire’s skills as a counsellor are exceptional.  Every now and then you meet a special person and Máire is the one.

A highly talented counsellor, Máire holds herself to a high standard of performance and professionalism and is a committed advocate for her clients. Máire is remarkable in terms of academic talent, passion and drive.

Máire uses a variety of counselling methods based on each person’s specific background and behavioural issues.  With each one she takes into account and respects individual differences, experiences and values; provides realistic goals; encourages the clients in appropriate self-expression and communicates a genuine interest and concern for each client.

Máire enriches the lives of the clients and colleagues around her and has my enthusiastic recommendation.

~ Carmel Hancock, Manager, SOSAD, Drogheda