Posting a review of my services is your right as a client and it is entirely up to you to decide whether you wish to write a review. But I gently discourage clients from posting reviews of my practice for the reasons below.

1. The American Psychological Association’s Ethics Code states that it is unethical for psychologists to solicit testimonials: Principle 5.05 “Psychologists do not solicit testimonials from current therapy clients/patients or other persons who because of their particular circumstances are vulnerable to undue influence.”

2. The American Counselling Association’s Ethics Code also prohibits solicitation of reviews from past or current clients, as does the Ethics Code for Social Workers. “Counsellors who use testimonials do not solicit them from current clients nor former clients nor any other persons who may be vulnerable to undue influence.”
ACA Code of Ethics, 2014, C.3.b

Since you may decide to return to therapy with me at a later date, I do not request testimonials from people who have ended therapy with me. As an American-trained Counsellor/Psychotherapist, I follow the NBCC’s Code of Ethics. As such, I do not intend to respond to any reviews.

3. Unlike other business owners who may respond to their Social Media reviews, as a counsellor, I must provide confidentiality to my clients. This means I am restricted from responding in any way that acknowledges whether someone has been in my care.

4. I hope that if we work together, we can discuss your feelings about our work directly and in person. This may not always feel comfortable, but the discussion of positive and negative reactions to our process can be an important part of your therapy. If it is simply a matter of poor fit, I’m always happy to help you find a therapist who is a better match.

5. If you still choose to write something about my practice on Social Media, remember that this is a public forum and you may be sharing personally revealing information with a wide range of readers. To preserve your privacy, consider using a pseudonym that is not linked to your regular email address or friend networks.

6. If you believe that I (or any licensed mental health professional) has done something harmful, you can contact your  licensing board and make a formal complaint. This can help protect other consumers of therapy services. Be aware that details of your therapy may come up if there is a formal investigation.

(The above has been excerpted from Dr. Keely Holmes  and Roy Huggins’ Social Media Policies)


“Em Ryan is a supervisee in group supervision in SOSAD Drogheda. Em is professional in her preparedness for supervision. She is punctual and engages freely while observing group norms. She interacts openly with the group and is willing to give and receive feedback from her peers. I can recommend Em to uphold the ethics and professionalism of the counselling profession.” – Seán Mc Kiernan

Em is a very experienced, competent Counsellor and Psychotherapist. She works with clear boundaries and ethical awareness.” – Fiona Burke

As Em Ryan’s manager in SOSAD Ireland I can positively and passionately say that Em’s skills as a counsellor are exceptional.  Every now and then you meet a special person and Em is the one. A highly talented counsellor, Em holds herself to a high standard of performance and professionalism and is a committed advocate for her clients. Em is remarkable in terms of academic talent, passion and drive. Em uses a variety of counselling methods based on each person’s specific background and behavioural issues.  With each one she takes into account and respects individual differences, experiences and values; provides realistic goals; encourages the clients in appropriate self-expression and communicates a genuine interest and concern for each client. Em Ryan enriches the lives of the clients and colleagues around her and has my enthusiastic recommendation.”                  – Carmel Hancock

Anam Cara Therapy was established in 2016 in Ireland. (Initially a Counselling Consultancy in America since 2003) I have 15 years experience working with children, teens and adults on issues of concern.

My specialties include: 

   – Depression
   – End of a relationship
   – Grief and loss
   – Life transitions
   – Personal growth
   – Self esteem
   – Teen issues
   – LGBT issues including orientation and identity