Let Go of the Outcome – Anxiety and Worry

Person feeling anxious and worries

When we hold onto trauma from the past, the negative thoughts and feelings impact our mind and body. The key is to identify the thoughts that are causing you anxiety and worry and let go of the outcome, as it is a fruitless activity. The imprint may manifest in generalized negative thinking or in body aches and pains from stress. We may not be aware of our thoughts running in a loop and unconsciously trying to resolve a past situation, in our heads, over and over again.

Was it a conversation with a parent that you carry with you to this day? Was it a breakup that has you doubting your ability to love in the present? Notice when you feel unwell in your body. Begin to trace the origin of the feeling. Was it a thought triggered by something you heard, saw, touched, etc. Sometimes all it takes is a song on the radio to take you back to the past. The goal is to negate the association between what triggered you and the worried or anxious feelings you are having in the present.

It may be helpful to create a personal mantra or affirmation.

Such as “This does not serve me” Or “I hold my Highest Good in mind.” An equally important goal to severing the connection to a traumatic past event is letting go of the outcome. Know that you have no control over what happened in the past now, nor can you control the future. The only moment you can control is this one, so it is in your best interest to let go of the outcome.

Creatively visualize yourself stepping out of the circle of anxiety from the past or worry over a future that you cannot manipulate.

Envision yourself stepping into a warm and loving circle of light. This could be the warmth and safety of what you can control – the present moment. Be in this moment and only this one. The future will take care of itself. The past is already done. You can put your worries away.

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